Two Rooks Merchandise

Click here to grab your own high quality merchandise from Two Rooks as we release street culture inspired apparel! Two Rooks is an unconventional beverage company based in New Zealand, standing strong as a premium cola with a modern approach. Boasting an old school inspired taste, added electrolytes and a smooth blend for people of any age to enjoy.

Two Rooks however, leads a double life - after all, our mission is to blur the lines of convention.

From day one we knew that we were after more than a great tasting cola, but also one that could hold it's own in the depths of nightlife and mixology.

Whether you are after a full bodied experience with your favorite spiced rum or enjoying a long island ice tea. Two Rooks can provide you with a bold mix each and every time.

In an industry full of giants, we embrace being the underdog.

We don’t need to be the biggest - we just need to be the best.